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I am having some issues trying to make an AIR application connect to a RemoteObject when the application is run in a domain that has proxy servers for outbound connection.

The error provided is as below:

[RPC Fault faultString="Send failed" faultCode="Client.Error.MessageSend" faultDetail="Channel.Connect.Failed error NetConnection.Call.Failed: HTTP: Failed: url: ''"]

Any ideas? I think the proxy server may be preventing the application from accessing the Remote Object. How do I work around this?


Edit: I saw a quite similar post to this: Remoting with AIR

And I did declared the endpoint and destination to my RemoteObject.

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I Would think you work around it by modifying the proxy server to allow such calls through? I suspect the proxy server should have some type of logs you can examine to see if the proxy server is actually causing the problem. – JeffryHouser Apr 29 '11 at 13:49
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In application/WEB-INF/flex/services-config.xml give only relative paths, do not use ip address and port number. You can look here for detail moving to production server

And here send failed error

In your case channel url should be

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Drupal RPC Fault looks to be some what same as your problem and has issues with crossdomain.xml

Do check it.

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