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I have a list of city names followed by the state in which they are located all in one column in Excel. How can I delete everything after the first space so that the city name is the only thing that's left in the cell?

example: A1 = "johnson TX"
should be just A1= "johnson"

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I assume you want a VBA solution since you tagged your question .

This works:

Sub KeepCity()
    Dim strCityAndState As String
    Dim strCityOnly As String
    strCityAndState = Range("A1").Value
    strCityOnly = Left(strCityAndState, InStr(strCityAndState, " ") - 1)
    Range("A2").Value = strCityOnly
End Sub

If you don't want VBA and want a cell formula instead, then @JToland's answer works fine, though this one is more concise and doesn't keep the trailing space character:

=LEFT(A1, FIND(" ",A1)-1)
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Well doing something like this

=Mid(A1, 1, Find(" ",A1))

in another column should grab all text before the " ". So you could build another column with just all the city names and then you could use that column for your purposes.

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