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I want to create a Class Table Inheritance model in CakePHP.

I would like to have a Model called something like ProductBase with the table product_bases to hold all the base information every product should have, like upc, price, etc.

Then have specific product type models extend that. For example ProductRing with the table product_rings to hold specific ring information like ring_size, center_stone, etc.

Then if I retrieve data directly from the ProductBase model, have it pull all types:

// pull all product types

Or find specific types only:

// pull only Rings or descendants of the Ring type.

Is anything like this possible in CakePHP? If not, what should I be doing instead?

What is the proper Cake way of doing something like this?

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You are referring to an ARC relationship (or at least a variation of it). Cake does not handle these types of relationships on the fly. This means you will have to implement your won logic to handle this.

The other option is to categorize the products. If the product can fit into multiple categories, then you will want a HABTM categories for each product. Otherwise, you can use a category column. I suspect it will be a HABTM you are looking for.

  • PRODUCTS: The table that holds the products.
  • CATEGORIES: The list of categories any given product can belong to.
  • CATEGORIES_PRODUCTS: The link between each product and their various categories.
  • TYPE: This is the flag that will define the type of product (i.e. ring, shoe, pants, etc.)

Then when you want ALL products, you query the products table. When you want a slice of the products (i.e. Rings) you select all the products that belongs to the RING category.

Now, we need to address the information about the product. For example, not all information will apply to every product. There are a number of ways to do this.

  1. You can build multiple tables to hold the product information. When you pull a product of a given type, you pull its companion information from the table.
  2. Store the information in a text field as serialized data. All of the information can be defined in a settings var and then you can use the serialized data to map to the information.

I hope this helps. Happy coding!

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