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Here's my attempt at it:

$query = $database->prepare('SELECT * FROM table WHERE column LIKE "?%"');


while ($results = $query->fetch()) {
  echo $results['column'];
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Figured it out right after I posted:

$query = $database->prepare('SELECT * FROM table WHERE column LIKE ?');
while ($results = $query->fetch())
    echo $results['column'];
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That's not Murphy's law ;) –  Crescent Fresh Feb 24 '09 at 20:22
@Andrew: what if multiple like is used ? how should the execute array executes in order ? –  logan Apr 3 at 18:00

To use Like with % partial matching you can also do this: column like concat('%', :something, '%') (in other words, using explicitly unescaped % signs that are definitely not user input) with the named parameter :something.

Edit: An alternative syntax that I've found is to use the concatenation operator: ||, so it'll become simply: where column like '%' || :something || '%' etc

@bobince mentions here that:

The difficulty comes when you want to allow a literal % or _ character in the search string, without having it act as a wildcard.

So that's something else to watch out for when combining like and parameterization.

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$query =  $database->prepare('SELECT * FROM table WHERE column LIKE ?');
        $query->bindValue(1, "%$value%", PDO::PARAM_STR);

        if (!$query->rowCount() == 0) {
            while ($results = $query->fetch()) {
                echo $results['column'] . "<br />\n";

        } else {
            echo 'Nothing found';

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