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I asked some questions a while back about sending emails programmatically from a custom module ( link ), and although I got this working, I don't think I have it working the way it should be.

First I overrode the getMail() method in Mage_Core_Model_Email_Template as outlined in this post, but that raises a few questions:

  1. In my overriding getMail() method, I had to specify a username and password to log on to my smtp server. Can someone please tell me why this is not specifiable in the Magento Admin panel? As it isn't, I'll have to gather that information in my custom module's config so that I have a user name and password to use when sending the e-mail, and that just seems plain wrong to me.

  2. How should I load the template (the name/id of which will be a configuration field in my custom module). I got loadByCode to work:

    $emailTemplate = Mage::getModel('core/email_template')->loadByCode('Bob');

But I see some people doing:

$emailTemplate  = Mage::getModel('core/email_template')->loadDefault('no matter what goes here emailTemplate is not set');

Last question. Is there a method I can call to get all email templates so that I can offer a selection of them in my custom module configuration?


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Take a look at the built-in contact form within Magento. The code uses all of the native email functionality from Magento. Including email templates. I mimicked this code for a few of the modules I've created... – Avisra Apr 29 '11 at 17:50
This does not answer your question but I thought I would throw this out there to maybe help you. If you don't need all the extra functionality that you get from the Magento mail code, you have access to all the functionality of Zend_Mail inside of Magento. I have used that if I just need to dump a form to email or something simple like that. – Josh Pennington May 1 '11 at 18:52

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