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I remember when I was using Eclipse that when holding CTRL and using left or right arrows Eclipse would navigate over the LongCamelCaseWrittenWord in several steps. One camel case word at time.

So it will go like follows (pipe | represents the actual cursor position):

|LongCamelCaseWrittenWord -> CTRL+RIGHT_ARROW ->
Long|CamelCaseWrittenWord -> CTRL+RIGHT_ARROW ->
LongCamel|CaseWrittenWord -> CTRL+RIGHT_ARROW ->
LongCamelCase|WrittenWord -> CTRL+RIGHT_ARROW ->
LongCamelCaseWritten|Word -> CTRL+RIGHT_ARROW ->

Is there a way how to achieve this in IntelliJ? Currently IntelliJ steps over the whole word at once.

EDIT: Using IntelliJ 9.0


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Yes, enable Use "CamelHumps" words in Settings | Editor | Smart Keys.

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Lovely! Thanks million. –  Jan Zyka Apr 29 '11 at 15:01
CamelHumps makes Ctrl+Right, Ctrl+Left jump by camel humps. How can I still have both functionalities, i.e. jump by words and by CamelHumps with different keys? –  mafonya Jul 31 '13 at 13:16
@CrazyCoder this should be the default, consider it please! –  Chechus Apr 3 at 13:59
Can't believe it's this easy, thanks a ton! It should be the default for sure. –  Blacklight Sep 6 at 11:16
Thanks a bunch :) –  Andreas Lundberg Nov 21 at 10:26

You can select CamelHumps as described by CrazyCoder, but then by "word jump" and "double click selects word" won't work.

Can it be done other way?

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There's another option in Settings|Editor that controls whether CamelHumps settings are used for double-clicking. –  jontyc Sep 30 '13 at 1:49
Found it. It is called "Honor CamelHumps words settings when selecting on double click" It works. Thanks! –  mafonya Oct 14 '13 at 14:25
Thanks for this. I honestly can't believe all of these settings aren't the default (like Sublime Text), which is why I use Sublime for 99% of my coding! –  andyb May 14 at 10:51
I use mac for my work and these things are built in in Mac OS. Just needed to do the work on PC for once. –  mafonya Aug 25 at 7:18

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