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i am writing a small perl app using the eXist database, and i am wondering is: how can i see that my call

my $eXist = XML::eXistDB::RPC->new( destination=>$eXist_db, repository=>$bank, user=>"admin", password=>"pass" ) ;

is successful or not ?


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When object initialisation fails, it will be messaged through Log::Report, so hook into that.

This only happens if the programmer to neglected to set either rpc or destination parameter. The new constructor will always return an object instance.

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According to the docs:

All methods return a LIST, where the first scalar is a return code (RC). When that code is 0, all went well. Otherwise, the code represent the transport error or the exception (refusal) as reported by the server logic. In either case, the second scalar in the returned list contains the error message. For instance,

Maybe this applies also for the constructor, try:

my ($rc,$eXist) = XML::eXistDB::RPC->new( destination=>$eXist_db, repository=>$bank, user=>"admin", password=>"pass" );

now, if $rc != 0 there was an error.

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thank you soulSurfer2010 for your interest, i tried that but unfortunately no luck. any other ideas ? – user690182 Apr 30 '11 at 7:13
i have also tried : isa_ok($eXist, "XML::eXistDB::RPC") ; but no dice :( – user690182 Apr 30 '11 at 7:25

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