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Aside from the obvious checkout goal - what would be good candidates for Google Analytics goals on an e-commerce site.

I am struggling of think of any.

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Of course it would depend a lot on your ecommerce site features. But here comes a couple that pop from my mind:

  • Newsletter subscriptions
  • New signups
  • Product review written
  • Product comment added
  • Contact Form Submitted
  • Product Rated
  • Product added to Shopping Cart
  • Using a sharing tool (tweetthis, sharethis, etc)
  • Using a Compare Tool
  • Arriving a certain step on the checkout process

This last one is intersting. Of course if you setup a goal on the checkout and have a nice funnel viz, you can get that for free. But assigning a goal to a particular step that you know a lot of users leave the funnel, can help you segment and analyze this guys. Just segment by users who completed that goal, and did not complete the checkout goal.

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