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I am running wsimport to generate server-side skeleton code. For a response of such operation, I want to returnList<Item>, but the generated code return Item

Here is the WSDL file:

<ComplexType name="item">
     <Element name"id" type="string" nillable="true"/>

<Element name="responseItemList">
         <Element name="return" type="item" minOccurns="0" maxOccurns="unbounded" nillable="true"/>

And for the operation

<wsdl:message name="getItemsResponse">
   <wsdl:part name="response" type="responseItemList"/>

So the generated code (assume operation name = getItems) is:

public ResponseItemList getItems();

and I wanted it to be

public List<Item> getItems();

I hope that I made myself clear by now, Thanks for any help

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