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I've dealt somewhat with web services, but I have a client who would like to get a report from our system and display it on their site. What would be the best way to send the information over to them using a web service?

I have two ideas, either do one data transfer that's large, or handle pagination through the web services (though this wouldn't allow filtering.) I'm open to others.


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Why wouldn't it allow filtering? You can let the customer assign a filter and page the results back using a "hasMorePages" field or something like that. The server can then retrieve the rest of the results and cache it somewhere – Rik Apr 29 '11 at 15:08
I think their download speed from your server is probably key to choosing the correct solution. – Jeff Swensen Apr 29 '11 at 15:56

What kind of data is it? Maybe you can provide an OData feed? The OData API allows for url-driven filtering, paging, etc.

More info about WCF Data Services here

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