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I'm coding on the cloud9ide, which pushes to github. I then host it on dotcloud. I'm trying to see if there's some way I can get my code to deploy onto when I push on without doing the extra round of pulling it to my local computer, and running their command line tool.

Right now my workflow is this:

cloud9ide -> github

$ git pull
github -> local

$ dotcloud push project.www .
local -> dotcloud

Is there some way I can skip the last step and auto push it to dotcloud? Reading their documentation suggests I can't directly push to them via .

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Couple of points:

  1. Maybe it is just me but I don't see any merit in deploying on production on every commit / push.
  2. This is bit of a hack but you should be able to listen to a Git repository and run the DotCloud CLI push command using a continuous integration software such as Jenkins (formerly known as Hudson) etc.
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Technically, you could git push directly to DotCloud (that's what the DotCloud CLI does behind the scenes); but you still would have to carry a few extra steps to trigger the build process (it's not triggered by the git push itself).

A better approach might be to setup a post-receive hook on github. The hook would signal a small and lean service somewhere (maybe on DotCloud itself). This service would then refresh its local git repository, and schedule a dotcloud push.

In the long term, DotCloud will probably provide a more streamlined integration with github; but meanwhile, this could do the trick with minimal effort.

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