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Why following code executes tests from check2.t file only?

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use strict; 
use warnings; 
use Modern::Perl;

use TAP::Harness::JUnit;

my $harness = TAP::Harness::JUnit->new({
   xmlfile => 'output.xml',
   namemangle => 'hudson',
   merge => 1

$harness->runtests(['check1.t', 'check2.t']);
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Actually, it runs the tests from check1.t while calling it check2.t. As davorg pointed out, runtests expects a list of tests, not an arrayref of tests. The reason why it appears to work is that runtests also allows a test entry to be in the form [ 'filename', 'comment' ], where filename is the name of the test file, and comment is the string to display. (This is documented in the base class, TAP::Harness.)

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Does it even run tests from check2.t? The documentation for the module says that runtests takes a list of test files, not an array reference. Try changing the runtests line to:

$harness->runtests('check1.t', 'check2.t');
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