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Where can I find good API Documentation for the DOM implemented by Google Chrome's V8 Javascript engine? I've checked the V8 and Chromium project pages but didn't find anything useful. The only good javascript documentation I've found is the Mozilla DOM Documentation which is great for Firefox but not so much for Chrome. Chrome also doesn't fully implement the DOM Level 3 Core (e.g., Node.setUserData()) and such. They're both helpful but only in so much that I have to check to see if particular objects and methods are even implemented in Chrome and test them to see if they work instead of just looking through an API reference or documentation.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, please let me know if stackoverflow is not the proper place to ask this question.

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V8 doesn't have anything to do with the DOM. Chrome's DOM api is implemented by bindings in WebKit. – Roatin Marth Apr 29 '11 at 16:01

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AFAIK there isn't anything analogous to MDC for Chrome/V8. The Quirksmode Compatibility Tables are probably as close as you're going to get (though I can't find any listings there for Node.setUserData).

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