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who can give me a short example where i call some system command and then read it out with haskell and e.g. print it?

i know that i can use System.Cmd to make system commands like: nm, ls, mkdir etc.

but i dont need to call them only also i need to read it and make some operations with the readed string

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The key library to use is the process package, which provides System.Process.

To call a command and get its output:

      :: FilePath   -- command to run
      -> [String]   -- any arguments
      -> String         -- standard input
      -> IO String  -- stdout

Like so:

import System.Process

main = do
    s <- readProcess "/bin/date" [] []
    putStrLn $ "The date is " ++ s

which runs as:

The date is Fri Apr 29 09:29:29 PDT 2011
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System.Process has the functions you want, specifically readProcess.

main = do
  wcOut <- readProcess "wc" ["/usr/share/dict"] []
  let numLines = read (head (words wcOut)) :: Int
  if numLines > 10 then return () else print "That's a small dictionary."
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