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How variables are expanded in pattern rules and static pattern rules? Patterns are matched using global variable values, but recipes can use target specific and pattern specific variable values. Did I get it right?


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I think you have it right, but your question is a little unclear. Maybe you could come up with an example of what you mean... and then you could try it, then ask us about the parts you're still puzzled about. –  Beta Apr 29 '11 at 16:41
Is this homework? –  Chris Apr 29 '11 at 17:23

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I think the manual is quite clear on this; at least for target-specific variables, but the way I understand it, it works the same for pattern-specific variables. It states (on target-specific variable values):

these values are only available within the context of a target's recipe

So they are not used in the patterns, but only in the recipes.

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