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I've looked through Python documentation and I couldn't find an answer to this: How do I check if an object is the same class as another object?

def IsClass(obj1, obj2):
     return obj1.class == obj2.class #doesn't work
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You can use

type(obj1) is type(obj2)

Note that you usually try to avoid type checking in Python, but rather rely on duck typing.

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The last sentence should be in bold. And red if markdown supported that. This can't be streched enough. If you believe you need this, you most propably don't and should just use duck tying. – delnan Apr 29 '11 at 17:05
You should also consider using issubclass() or isinsntance() when you do care about actual types, since in most cases when you are looking for a foo, you would also accept a subclass of foo. – kindall Apr 29 '11 at 17:17

I think what you want to do is use type(obj). :)

-EDIT- Looks like he beat me to it. And he's right about the Duck Typing.

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