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Although there are answers on how to access a HTML Form POST data which was displayed in the Webview, I am not able to find an answer that will show how to access it when the HTML Form is from outside or basically not in our control/server/a local file in assets directory?

What I am trying to do here is:

  1. Open a simple form (by passing the url to my Webview)
  2. Get the form fields and values after user submits it
  3. Use it in my android app
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@user717889: While I can think of ways you might be able to do it if you know the structure of the page, the whole concept strikes me as unethical. If the user is viewing a page from server X, the user will expect their information to go to server X and not to your app. – CommonsWare Apr 29 '11 at 17:45
Yes, the structure of the page is known. Well, the web page is the part of the company's website but then there are different devices accessing it and they do not want any changes on the code in their web pages just to aid a particular app. But yes, the html structure is known. – skaneria Apr 29 '11 at 18:59

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