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So I have a need to try and repair a SQLite database from a .NET program if the database file gets corrupted. I have found several sites such as Fix SQLite and in the FAQ it describes that you can:

Depending how badly your database is corrupted, you may be able to recover some of the data by using the CLI to dump the schema and contents to a file and then recreate.

Does anyone know of a way to repair a SQLite database programatically in .NET?

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You are overlooking one important word: you can 'recover some data', this is not a repair!

If there is a sitatuation where a corrupted database could be repaired perfectly without user-interaction than it would not be corrupted in the first place and such an repair would have been a standard function of SQLite

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You might consider implementing your own strategy for database recovery. You could store backups of the SQLite file and then check that it is OK using:

PRAGMA integrity_check; 

If errors are found then you can revert to a backup.

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