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Hiii, i am devloping web app for mobile device.I am trying to locate user location using w3c geolocation api. it's working for iphone3.1,mozila,chrome but it's not working with android device(2) and safari (for desktop). In android(tablet) we get error callback returned value as:"geolocation service failed" . In safari browser on desktop ,control goes inside success callback but no value returned. I am new to programming and devlopment so ,pleaze help me if you have any idea. If any one have working code tan please let me know .. thanking you :)

<!DOCTYPE html> 


 <script type="text/javascript">
    //script to get user location using w3c api
        var ulat;
        var ulon;

    alert("Your browser doesn't support geolocation."); 

     function success_cb(position){    

    ulat = position.coords.latitude;
    ulon = position.coords.longitude;
   document.write("latitude:"+ulat+" longitude"+ulon);

   function error_cb(){

     alert("Geolocation Service failed");
    document.write("latitude:"+ulat+" longitude"+ulon);


If any 1 of you have some working code for all the mobile devices than please let me know :)

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