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I'm looking for a vim script that, when I save, duplicates my changes to a second directory. In this case the second directory is on a VM that I can ssh to. Any suggestions?

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If you want to do it manually add this to your vimrc:

command! DuplicateFileRemotely !scp % user@remotehost:~/mylocation/

Then call it in command mode:


If you want to do it every time a file is saved add this too your vimrc as well:

autocmd! BufWritePost * :DuplicateFileRemotely
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Thank you. This is what I needed. Though everyone's answers were pretty close. – clang1234 May 3 '11 at 15:19

If you can access the filesystem locally then you can use cp. Add this to your your .vimrc and change the path.

autocmd BufWritePost,FileWritePost *.* silent !cp <afile> /your/remote/path &

If you can only access ssh then use scp or rsync.

autocmd BufWritePost,FileWritePost *.* silent !scp -Cr <afile> ssh://hostname:remote/path &

If you just want this to happen for certain file extensions change the *.* to say *.py to only copy Python files for example.

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you can set up a key mapping to write to 2 locations, for example:

map <C-s> :w<ENTER>:w /path/to/alt/dir/%<ENTER>

This will map Ctrl-s to to you double save, saving the file to it's current location and also to your alternate directory with the same file name.

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Vim can automatically save copies to a "backup directory" (assuming you can map the location on your local filesystem). See :h backupdir for more information on this option, or view help on the web here:

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