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I'm trying to set up a domain with the .ka suffix for a URL shortener for a project I'm working on. Similar to for example. I've checked online and this suffix doesn't seemed to registered to any country yet or appear of any domain name service. Any ideas on how to fix this up, or if its even possible?


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All 2 letter codes are reserved for countries. The only way to get it set up is to found a country that uses those letters, get the UN to recognize you as a country and then ask IANA to help you. – Chris Haas Apr 29 '11 at 17:43

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There is no .ka TLD. So you'll have to pick a different one.

Full TLD List:

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Here is a list of all top-level domains. Since .ka is not on that list, you cannot register a domain ending in .ka.

In terms of having that domain added, refer to the IANA procedure for establishing new country-code TLDs. The short version is: pick a new suffix.

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