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I'm attempting to have JPlayer play an audio clip on a specific event, but I'm getting some finicky results. Sometimes the audio doesn't play back, sometimes the audio stutters on the first 1/4 second, and sometimes after playback a repeat attempt plays the audio clip, but starting near the end. The code I'm using looks like:

The setup:

$("#div").jPlayer({ready: function (){
       $(this).jPlayer("setMedia", {
          mp3: "./test.mp3"
    }, swfPath: "/dir/", preload: "auto"

Event Fired:

$('#div').jPlayer("play", 0);

Any help is greatly appreciated, and maybe an idea of a better way (different plugin, or none altogether) to achieve the result would be awesome.

Thank you!

Side Note: Main end platform is the Ipad (Safari), but cross-browser support would be the best!

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What I ended up doing was using SoundManager2 to playback the audio file. It's been giving consistent results for all of the playbacks I've tested. Also, it works on many browsers, so it fits my needs just fine.

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