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Suppose I have a

List<dynamic> myList = new List<dynamic>();

Inside a class:

public class DynamicMixin : DynamicObject
    internal List<dynamic> myList= new List<dynamic>();

    public void AddInterface<T>(T _item) where T:class{

    public override bool TryGetIndex(GetIndexBinder binder, object[] indexes, out object result)
        if (myList.Contains((item)=>item.GetType().Equals(indexes[0].GetType())){
            /* do something */
        return base.TryGetIndex(binder, indexes, out result);


I'm trying to write myDynamicObject[typeof(IDisposable)] So I would get the IDiposable object which belongs to myDynamicObject.

This line gives me an error:

if (myList.Contains((item)=>item.GetType().Equals(indexes[0].GetType())){

Cannot convert lambda expression to type 'dynamic' because it is not a delegate type

I'm able to do it by iterating through the list: But why I'm not capable of using Contains ?

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That's a really interesting way of doing mix-ins in c#. I have a open source framework impromptu-interface that can take a list of interfaces and makes a really lightweight proxy that inherits those interface and basically wraps a bunch of callsite bindings that forward to a DynamicObject. You might be interested in it. –  jbtule Apr 30 '11 at 0:40
Very interesting your framework, jbtule. I'll dig into it for awhile. –  Conrad Clark May 24 '11 at 19:01

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Becasue Conaints is declared as:

public bool Contains(
    T item

You shoud use Any(your lambda)

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Oh god, I completely forgot about that. –  Conrad Clark Apr 29 '11 at 18:20

Contains() expects an actual item (of type dynamic in your case) not a delegate, I think you want Any() :

 if (myList.Any( item => item.GetType().Equals(indexes[0].GetType()))
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IEnumerable<T>.Contains() does not have an overload that takes a lambda.

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