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Is 0 a possible checksum for a cyclic redundancy check (CRC)?

I'm using boost to calculate a CRC:

const unsigned int CrcPolynomial = 0x11021;
const unsigned short InitialValue = 0xffff;
boost::crc_optimal<16, CrcPolynomial, InitialValue, 0, true, true> Crc;
// process some bytes...
int x = Crc.checksum(); // <------ can this be 0?
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Yes. Take any message, x, and compute its CRC, crc(x). Then crc(x . crc(x)) will be 0 (where . denotes concatenation).

In fact, this relationship can be used to verify that a message + CRC has been transmitted correctly (see for instance the second animated diagram at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computation_of_CRC).

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"Then crc(x . crc(x)) will be 0". This is only true for the basic CRC algorithm, without negating bits or reversing bits. See this post for more details: stackoverflow.com/questions/5112733/… –  Nayuki Minase Jul 15 '11 at 20:09
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