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I'm writing a PC application in C++ that needs to detect when a user connects an SD card to his/her computer. I know how to detect when the card reader is connected, but I do not know how to detect when individual cards are connected/removed.

Does Windows have an IO interface to detect arrival/removal of SD cards?

[Update] the WM_DEVICECHANGE technique that was suggested works only for detecting when an SD Card reader is plugged in. It does not detect when individual cards are inserted into the card reader.

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Think this is what you need:


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check the messages from WM_DEVICECHANGE here is an example

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WM_DEVICECHANGE might be your answer. Here is an example with CDROM.

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Look at the Windows Portable Devices API, it has functionality that allows you to attach it to an SD reader (it's known as a storage device) and get events when a card is inserted or removed.

It just has two (possibly major) drawbacks:

  • It requires Windows Vista or later
  • It only has a COM API, so if you want to use it from a .NET program you either have a lot of interop ahead of you, or you have to write a wrapper in C++ or C++/CLI
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