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In extjs, I wish to update a boxcomponent (inside a tab)with a json response data. the box is havign a tpl like this:

 this.someBox.tpl=new Ext.XTemplate(
'<tr><td width="110"><b>ID:</b></td><td> {Id}<br /></td></tr>',

This is the code to populate the box:

isShowWaitDialog: 'true',
action: "getIDAction",
var jsonResponse=Ext.util.JSON.decode(response.responseText);

DOAJAXAction is a custom function. The response is :


But still the ID is not populated in the box. What am I doing wrong here?

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Since the response is a jsonarray and not a jsonobject, we need to do : this.someeBox.update(jsonResponse.rows[0]);

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