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Case 1 :

  • If i have only one ReceiveAndSendRely activity in my workFlow, that means foreach call to my workflow from a client application the system create a new instance (a new instance of my wokflow service) ... is that right?

Case 2 :

  • Let's add a second ReceiveAndSendRely activity to the previous workflow (I have 2 ReceiveAndSendRely activities)
  • and I have two client apps, each client related to only one ReceiveAndSendRely activity.

When my first client calls the first ReceiveAndSendRely activity every thing work fine, I got the response but when my second client app call the second ReceiveAndSendRely activity after the first one I got an exception...

The question is why should I coloration between the two ReceiveAndSendRely activities?

About the case 2 ...

After the call of my first client is done well ...

Why for the second call I got an exception not the same situation as the first case?

Thank you in advance

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Maurice . . . ? –  rlb.usa Apr 29 '11 at 19:16
Can you elaborate on which programming language / etc that you are using? –  rlb.usa Apr 29 '11 at 19:17

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