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In my legacy website, I found this

<input type="image" id="QuickPass" name="QuickPass"  src="/images/QuickPass.gif"  alt="Quick Pass" onclick="document.pressed=this.value" value="QuickPass" />

inside of this form

<form name="ListForm" method="post" onSubmit="return OnSubmitForm();" accept-charset="UTF-8" > 

There is a JavaScript method to catch the OnSubmitForm() method

function OnSubmitForm(cbLength) {
    else if (document.pressed == 'QuickPass'){
        //Do stuff
        return true;

Is there a way to trigger the submit via the for the QuickPass through the URL bar? I though that javascript:(document.getElementById("QuickPass").onclick()) would work but it just returns "undefined" (in the Chrome consol) and does nothing in IE6 (where it was built to run)

Notes: I did not write the original code but I am maintaining it. Also, I cannot re-write the code to make it more URL-bar-friendly because we are at the end of a dev cycle and today is my last day on the project. Finally, the code works quite well as-is when the buttons are physically clicked (and has for 5 years).

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You're calling an .onClick() method instead of a .click() Try

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