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Simple question: Can I do the equivalent of Math.ceil and Math.floor in a Velocity template? From what I could find I would have to use MathTool, but that doesn't seem to have what I want.

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I'd say you could work with MathTool.roundToInt() and adding/subtracting 1, but it should also be possible to provide an object with your methods that might provide what you need.

Also have a look at Velocity Tools 2.0 whose MathTool has methods floor() and ceil().

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I recommend the Tools 2.0 MathTool for greatest type flexibility, but Velocity Engine's 1.6+ support static methods by putting the class itself into the context. So the quick and easy solution is:

context.put("Math", Math.class);

$Math.ceil($foo) $Math.floor($bar)

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