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So on Friday I asked this question and it wasn't well written, let me explain this in better detail:

So this might sound remedial, but I have this container that I include a mousedown event and all I want to do is toggle it without destroying the properties of it.

If it do :

 $("#div").unbind("mousedown")  // This will just destroy the event.

I was thinking I could move the event to a dom element that isn't being used? And then just switch it back when I'm done...

So this is whats happening : I have a plugin lets just call it Vinny for now


vinny has a mousedown event that I want to enable/disable via a trigger.

I was thinking I would have a $fn.disableMouseDown function that could disable it, but was curious if theirs a way to unbind a mouseDown on the dom but not destroy it?

If you know of a quick way of doing it help me out! Thanks, Vinny

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Forgot to mention! That the bind event is wrappend in an object So I have $("#div").plugin() inside of plugin i have the mousedown event –  Vinny Apr 29 '11 at 21:06
I think we will need more details if you need our help :) –  morgar Apr 29 '11 at 21:11
What are you trying to toggle by invoking a mouse down? Is this being done someplace else in the DOM? You could just tell it to run the same function or something along those lines? –  afuzzyllama Apr 29 '11 at 21:39

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Put your command inside a function, so you can bind/unbind with one line only, i.e:

function some() {
    // some commands

$("#div").bind("mousedown", some);
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One approach is to just use a named function, bind it when it's needed and unbind it when it's not:

function foo () { 
    // do something on mousedown

// When needed:
$("#div").bind("mousedown", foo);

// When not needed:
$("#div").unbind("mousedown", foo);
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I would just stick an if(toggle) statement inside the event. Any reason you can't do that? (only thing i can think of is you wouldn't want to have the event being continually fired over and over, which makes sense - is that the case?)

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here is a working example http://jsfiddle.net/samccone/ENzyk/

I think this is a simple and elegant solution

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Hey guys thanks for all the ideas, but I kinda did a hacky way of approaching this.

I explainz:

So this plugin on the mousedown is binded in the plugin.init() and in their i defined a local function checks disableValue and in their I just check the dom for a or do a bool return and run that against the other function that was already present in exiting the mousedown event.

Make sense? I hope so too


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