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I want to load "pieces" of HTML to set HTMLPanels which will be dynamically modified by getting the id's as follows:

HTMLPanel dynContent = new HTMLPanel("<div id=\"test_id\"/>");
dynContent.add(new Label("This content is dynamically generated."), "test_id");

Can I serve HTML files to my client from a GWT app (It would be cool to just load the html files served at application startup)? Or do I have to create a call to the server to get the HTML (say RPC)? It sounds like JSP is the solution but I rather stay away from this for such a simple app.

Any suggestions are welcome!

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now that I think about it, I would need to get the css to :( –  code-gijoe Apr 29 '11 at 21:39

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The answer is pretty neat! I first found this: best way to externalize HTML in GWT apps?

Then tried this to load static data via Client Bundle:

public interface Resources extends ClientBundle {
    Resources INSTANCE = GWT.create(Resources.class);

    TextResource synchronous();


Then I load the resources in my html panel:

 HTMLPanel dynContent = new HTMLPanel(Resources.INSTANCE.synchronous().getText());
 dynContent.add(new Label("This content is dynamically generated."), "dynContent");


The content from the HTML file I have is fetched and populates the HTMLPanel as I wanted.

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