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This is a bit cryptic, especially on day 1. Could use some help if you dont mind. Controller is search, on action_query($search_term)

So right now its /search/query/some query?page=1 (this is without a route) Need to get it setup in this format..

/search/some query/1
1 being the page with pagination

        $pagination = Pagination::factory(array(
            'current_page'      => array('source' => 'route', 'key' => 'page'),
            'total_items'       => $count,
            'items_per_page'    => 100,
            'view'              => 'pagination/basic',  

With Route

 Route::set('page', '<controller>/<action>/<search_term>(/<page>)')
        'action' => 'query',
        'search_term' => '[a-zA-Z0-9 ]',
        'controller' => 'search',
        'action' => 'page',
        'page' => '1',
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What is your error? Wrong URLs? And 'search_term' => '[a-zA-Z0-9 ]' is a regex, not a default value. – biakaveron May 2 '11 at 8:58
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I have a pagination working and my route looks like:

Route::set('comments', 'welcome/index(/<page>)', array('page' => '[0-9]+'))
    'controller' => 'welcome',
    'action'     => 'index'

Also, I think you are missing a parameter when creating the paginator, which is:

'uri_segment'    => 'page', // pass a string as uri_segment to trigger former 'label' functionality.
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