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In vim, I use syntax folding with C++. How do I ignore the folding in my while, if and for constructs?

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According to http://vim.1045645.n5.nabble.com/fold-functions-only-not-if-for-switch-td2834720.html, you could do it with

:set foldmethod=expr

... and then define foldexpr to an expression which will say what to fold (see :help fold-expr). This would be very tedious, though, and there must be a better way.

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I working in foldexpr github.com/juanpabloaj/absolutFold, but I searching a more simple solution –  JuanPablo Apr 30 '11 at 5:15

While it is not a perfect answer you could try to fiddle around with foldlevel too see if that might fit your needs.

:help fold-foldlevel

It will not solve your problem perfectly but seeing as C++ normally don't go that deep I am thinking that you could set it to your standard function level and have it all folded up to that level.

Hope it helps :)

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