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I've been using the SuckerFish menus for pretty much ever right now... however I need something a little newer. mainly something that will handle drop-down items and fly-outs of variable widths. i.e. I may have 6 drop-down main items, each sub-menu needs to be a variable [dynamic] width AND the fly-outs for each are also of differing widths. SuckerFish does not handle variable widths for the drop-downs particularly well .... has anyone got any suggestions?

The site is using jQuery, though I am not too hot on javascript 'anything' for navigation a pure CSS would be nice if possible.

-thanks -sean

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Suckerfish does not handle drop-down items well? Or the variable width? @alex thinks you're talking about animation, can you clarify this question and title? – Wesley Murch Apr 30 '11 at 2:28
No it's the widths, I'm not interested in animating them at all.... – Sean Kimball Apr 30 '11 at 15:54

CSS has limited animations with limited browser support (looks like only the latest WebKits).

For a cross browser animated menu, you'll have to leverage JavaScript.

jQuery will make doing it quicker and less painful, but is not a requirement.

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You could set things up with your usual SuckerFish as a baseline and then add Superfish on top of that to provide the fancy animations and what not. Superfish is built with jQuery so it should drop in fairly easily.

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