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Something happened to my XCode Project.

On top left side of XCode 4 where you can specify what device/simulator you want to run your app on it does not show any iphone/ipad related target. It shows "My Mac 64-bit"

How can I fix this problem?


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It's “Xcode”, not Xcode; “iPhone”, not “Iphone”. You’d have to try to get this stuff wrong, seriously. – Jonathan Sterling Apr 30 '11 at 6:01
@Jonathan: Lol. Even your correction to his incorrect posting is incorrect. It's "Xcode", not "Xcode"? Fail. – FreeAsInBeer May 20 '11 at 16:18
Wow, that's hilarious! I feel terrible… :) Suppose my phone autocorrected it. – Jonathan Sterling May 20 '11 at 20:57
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Restart XCode, see how you go.

Often when I use git to pull changes to the XCode4 project file the list in the top seems to lose it's place. Restarting fixes that issue very time for me. Totally annoying.

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What worked for me is here: XCode iOS project only shows "My Mac 64-bit" but not simulator or device

It's the answer posted my Mike Reining which says: Right-click on the xcodeproj file and select "show package contents." Now delete everything inside the xcuserdata folder. Voila.

Make a backup copy of the xcuserdata folder before you delete it.

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I figured it out. I had to edit the scheme (Product->Scheme->Edit Scheme...), and for some reason no executable was selected. I chose my app, saved and now I have my simulator and device options back.

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