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I am trying to figure out how I can perform authorization on my Rails 3 application. I was using CanCan, but I needed to get a little more complex than one user role.

My application has a User Model, Project Model and a Project Members Model. There is a Has Many Through relationship setup between those models. Below is the current schema....

- First Name
- Last Name
- Email

- Name
- active

Project Members
- user_id
- project_id
- role

When a user logs into the site they are prompted to select a project from a select menu. The options in the select menu are created from

current_users.departments.where(:active => true)

After they hit submit a session variable is set for session[:department_id]. What I need to find is a way to pull the role id for the user and project and lock down certain things based on the that role.

Thanks, Kyle

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I was able to take care of this with CanCan and with the help of Ryan B.

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