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I've been trying to get all the markup between li tags and move it to another div on the page. I have tried using html, innerhtml, and children. But, it just returns [object Object]...

The html (highly modified for simplicity):

<li class="add">I want this</li>
<li class="add">I don't want this</li>

<div id="second">
<!-- i want to insert here -->

This is the most current iteration of jQuery code...

$('li.add').click(function() {

                    var thisitem = $(this).html();
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$('li.add').click(function() {
    var thisitem = $(this).html();

Check working example at http://jsfiddle.net/wxLgH/

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you can try this also.. but dont forget to include jquery library.


var tr3 = $(".add li").eq(1).html();
var tr4 = $(".add li").eq(2).html();

$("#second ").html('<ul>'+ tr3 +'</ul><ul>'+ tr4 +'</ul>');

$(".add li").eq(1).hide();
$(".add li").eq(2).hide();

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