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Does PCRE support unicode string correctly?

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What do you mean by Unicode string? –  Gumbo Apr 30 '11 at 8:15

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Yes, it does (though probably not Unicode 6 yet). From the man page:

The current implementation of PCRE corresponds approximately with Perl 5.12, including port for UTF-8 encoded strings and Unicode general category properties. However, UTF-8 and Unicode support has to be explicitly enabled; it is not the default. The Unicode tables correspond to Unicode release 5.2.0.

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It supportsc completely Unicode 5.1

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If your PCRE was compiled without UTF-8 enabled, you can turn it on by adding (*UTF8) to the beginning of your regular expression.

For example:

> echo ‒ | grep -Po '[‒]'

matches each of the 3 utf-8 codes of the character individually (ie: 3 lines of output), whereas this:

> echo ‒ | grep -Po '(*UTF8)[‒]'

has the expected result, producing one line of output containing the character .

(I'm using a stock install of Ubuntu 12.04)

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