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It was easy using phpMyAdmin to pull a list of WordPress admin comments that were missing an IP location, but now that I've got that data in hand I'm looking for a quick way to insert it into the table. My guess is that'll probably be the use (upload) of a .sql file.

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I've currently got my fresh data in an Excel sheet, with columns for comment_ID and comment_author_IP. There are several hundred records, with a variety of IP addresses.


The winning query:

UPDATE wp_comments x, temp xx
SET x.comment_author_IP = xx.IP
WHERE x.comment_ID = xx.ID;
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If you are looking into a manual and easy process

  • Use phpMyAdmin to upload your Excel to a new table. (it can import Excels too);
  • add some indexes on foreign keys on the new created table;
  • then join the new table with the actual table and update the relevant fields.
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Good thinking. Probably wouldn't even need to join the tables, right? Simply using WHERE on the comment_ID for matching during the UPDATE query. –  Craig Apr 30 '11 at 15:16
Found a quick way to do an INNER JOIN during the update query. Thanks for the suggestion to import the xls file! –  Craig Apr 30 '11 at 18:20

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