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I am using twitterizer in an ASP.NET-project. I nned an example (code) how I can use twitterizer to show a list of followers (paged) for a special account that don't follow back.

The query is: Give me all users that I follow for e.g. 5 days but that didn't follow me back. The result should be displayed in a GridView with paging.


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I tried to get a list of friends - ok. But the friends are all people I follow, right? But I want to see since when I am following the users and only the friends that don't follow me – webcoder Apr 30 '11 at 9:12

As I stated in the email, there is no way to filter friends or followers by date.

Your best bet to do this is to use TwitterFriendship.FriendsIds() and TwitterFriendship.FollowersIds(), then select the difference between the two. That will give you the list of followers that you don't follow. (Friends are users you follow.) In order to identify new friends/followers, you'll need to keep a list of the Ids, then consult that list at a later date to see the changes over time.

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ok thanks. Perhaps the new site-streams offer such features cause in the API there is not time-stamp when a friedship is made. Does twitterizer offer access to site-streams? – webcoder May 8 '11 at 11:51
Streaming isn't completed in Twitterizer yet, but it is the current top priority (with the exception of bug fixes). – Ricky Smith May 10 '11 at 16:54

You could create a database (or list, etc) of users you followed and users who follow you. Update this as often you you need and add a time stamp for each new addition. Then you could query this database to create the list you want.

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