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I am using jQuery editinPlace plugin, the default way of doing edit in place is using a click event on a selector, but the way I am trying to do is through context menu which calls a function "rename();". So how do I block the inline edit on click event. Please share some idea on how to do this...

        callback: function(idOfEditor) {
        var renameUrl = ""+tablerowId+"/"+enteredText+"";
        return enteredText;
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Open the /jquery.editinplace.js source file. (Online version >

In the first function declaration $.fn.editInPlace Line#26, change the following line :

new InlineEditor(settings, dom).init();

into >

dom.theEditor = new InlineEditor(settings, dom);
dom.theEditor.init();"theEditor", dom.theEditor);

Now inside the click event of your context menu function, call this >

$("#myContextMenuElement").live("click", function (e) {
                    //your other code
                    rename(e); //you need to pass the event argument to it now 

make sure the pass the 'e' into it.

and in the rename function >

function rename(e) { 

works like a charm !


To ensure that you don't allow user to active editor by clicking on the para itself > use this code :

var myDelegate = { 
      shouldOpenEditInPlace: function (a, b, c) { 
         if ( != "idOfYourContextElement") { //if the edit was not invoked through the context menu option
              return false; //cancel the editor open event
         return true;

and add the delegates in your initialization>

        callback: function(idOfEditor) {
           var renameUrl = ""+tablerowId+"/"+enteredText+"";
            return enteredText;
        delegate: del
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It works fine for the first time... once i click on the context menu, the editplace works fine, but the next time, if I directly click the class="context", the editinplace happens.. I do not want users to do that.. the code i am using is as follows.. $('.renameFunc').live("click", function (e) { $(".context").editInPlace({ callback: function(idOfEditor, enteredText, orinalHTMLContent, settingsParams, animationCallbacks) { return enteredText; } }); rename(e); }); function rename(e) { $(".context").data("theEditor").openEditor(e); } –  Sullan May 5 '11 at 6:31
How do i detach the editinplace event after getting triggered for the first time.. i tried unbinding like this (unbind('.editInPlace')), but if i use this i wont be able to do editinplace on the element after the first time.. –  Sullan May 5 '11 at 6:36
added code for preventing direct initialization of code. –  nEEbz May 5 '11 at 17:04
Thanks @nEEbz.. and sorry for the delay in replying to ur answers, now i am back at my workplace.. :-) I've tried out what you said and created this jsfiddle which doesnt seem to work.... –  Sullan May 9 '11 at 1:50
Try this now > –  nEEbz May 9 '11 at 4:12

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