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I've been tying different things / reading up on this issue for awhile now and have not yet found an answer. Hopefully you guys can help.

I have an observablecollection of type string. I want to bind this collection to a datagrid and be able to edit/delete/add to the collection. Here is my xaml:

               <DataGrid ItemsSource="{Binding Movies.Titles}"  CanUserDeleteRows="True" CanUserAddRows="True" Height="300">
                        <DataGridTextColumn Binding="{Binding Path=DataContext, RelativeSource={RelativeSource Self}}"/>

The same observablecollection is also bound to a listbox. I want to be able to edit the collection using the datagrid method (above) and see the changes/edits in the listbox. The delete/add is working correctly, but when I edit a string inside a grid cell and it loses focus, the string goes back to what it originally was and never gets updated.

Thanks a lot for any help / suggestions.

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Wow, I went to do this yesterday and was stuck with a DataGrid that would add a new line for my ObservableCollection. After research, I realized why. Strings and immutable.

I found this question and unfortunately it didn't have an answer. So I can't leave this empty of an answer.

So here are the answers I found:

  1. DataGrid cannot update a string collection by adding, editing, or removing strings.

  2. I found a workaround to wrap the string in a StringWrapper object. Here it is.

    public class StringWrapper { public string Text { get; set; } }

I didn't like either answer.

The original question asker, moncadad, looks like he wants a one column DataGrid. He probably just wants to add and remove strings from an ObservableCollection without a lot of code. Edit probably isn't too important since that can be done by delete and add again.

I ended up doing this myself with a reusable usercontrol I made called StringListBox.

A ListBox for strings that supports add and delete

Basically the idea is to create the look of a DataGrid with a Label, a ListBox, a TextBox and an Add button and since this is a control, it has to work with ObservableObject or List in one control.

This give you Add and Delete. I doesn't provide edit.

Hope this helps the next guy.

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