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I currently use the old contacts API (that was deprecated on Android 2.0), and I am wondering if the is a way to get all contacts along with their's phone number, without making a separate query for each contact as was advised in a few sites I found.

for instance in the old API, I could do something like this:

String[] projection = new String[] { Phones._ID, Phones.NAME,
            Phones.NUMBER };

    Uri contacts = Phones.CONTENT_URI;

    Cursor managedCursor = managedQuery(contacts, 
            projection, // Which columns to return
            null, // Which rows to return (all rows)
            null, // Selection arguments (none)
            // Put the results in ascending order by name
            Phones.NAME + " ASC");


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Can you tell me what you do mean old API, i Mean which version –  Sankar Ganesh Apr 30 '11 at 10:19
as it is says in androidDev, there is a new contacts API starting from Android 2.0. –  Alex Apr 30 '11 at 10:57

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I found what I was looking for, and using the new API is even simpler, here is the new way of querying all the contact along with their names and phone number:

Cursor managedCursor = getContentResolver()
     new String[] {Phone._ID, Phone.DISPLAY_NAME, Phone.NUMBER}, null, null,  Phone.DISPLAY_NAME + " ASC");
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I need to get first_name and last_name also. Can I get these with phone number in a single query?? Here is my ques link: [link] (stackoverflow.com/q/19569896/2563740) –  Susomrof Nov 6 '13 at 6:12

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