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I am trying to add a CobmoBox in EditorGrid I have a class Vehicle with fields Integer vehicleId; String plateNo; Integer vehicleType; //1=Car,2=Truck

I want the combo box to show vehicle's type in text form i.e if vehicleType is 1, "Car" would be displayed. And when the user select any other option - like "Truck" the corresponding integer value should be populated into the bean.

This is pretty standard stuff with plain old JSP and HTML. However I couldn't find a simple way the do this in Ext GWT.

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Can you upload some of th editable grid code or the method you are using to populate the store. –  Ankit Apr 30 '11 at 10:09
May be this link can help you otherwise you can include Gwt-Ext or SmartGWT [code.google.com/docreader/… –  Ankit Apr 30 '11 at 10:10

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If you are using a GXT ComboBox, the easiest way to is create a model representing your vehicle object if you haven't already. This is basically a class that extends GXT's BaseModelData class.

Once you have your model, you create a combo box using that type:

ComboBox<VehicleModel> box = new ComboBox<VehicleModel>();

The last step is to tell the combo box which fields to use for values and for display, which is done with 2 method calls:

box.setDisplayField("field name for display");
box.setValueField("field name for value");

When you load up a store of vehicle models, GXT will take care of the rest. You will, however, need to convert the model back to the vehicle object itself to be persisted.

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