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What I'm trying to do is make slide out panels, but here is a simplified example of the problem I'm running into.

myCount = document.getElementById("counter")
myCount.onclick = startCount;
count = 0;

function startCount() { 
    timer = setInterval("countToTen()", 200);   

function countToTen() {

    myCount.innerHTML = count;

    if (count >= 10) {

It works great if you click once. If you double click (and we can't trust users to only click when they're supposed to), then the counter goes on forever. I guess two timers got made, but Firebug is showing timer to always have the same id. So how do you use clearInterval correctly when setInterval got called twice?

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var timer;
function startCount() { 
    if (!timer) {
        timer = setInterval(countToTen, 200);
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Ah okay, then you set timer to false when you do clearInterval and it's ready to get called again. I thought timer was more complicated than that, but apparently it's quite simple. Thanks! –  pennydrops Apr 30 '11 at 10:37

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