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I have made a short shell script which launches a VM, sleeps some time to allow the VM to boot and then mounts a share at the VM on the host computer:

nohup VBoxManage startvm "Ubuntu server" --type headless &&
sleep 60 &&
sudo mount -t cifs // /media/ubuntuserver/ 

The VM is started properly and the script sleeps but no mount occurs and the script seems to just exit instead. What am I doing wrong?

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is your sudo mount working in non-interactive mode? make sure this command is not asking any password

Add some logging so that you know what output is being returned

nohup VBoxManage startvm "Ubuntu server" --type headless 2>&1 >> ~/script_log.txt &&
sleep 60 2>&1 >> ~/script_log.txt &&
sudo mount -t cifs // /media/ubuntuserver/ 2>&1 >> ~/script_log.txt 

replace ~/script_log.txt with any suitable log file path

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