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I search for RPC lib that support client or server in C++ and C#. So i can make client in C++ and talk to server written in C#. I do not know if Microsoft RPC allow this, Protocol Buffers or MsgPack.

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Use COM, it is one level up from RPC and supported by both C++ and C#. –  Hans Passant Apr 30 '11 at 13:09

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Apache Thrift provides a mechanism for defining "services" in any language and accessing that service. There are resources for developing services in both c++ and c#:



Alternatively, although it's not "cool", there are xml-rpc clients for both c# and c++



Both are mature and work well, so it should be trivial to get up and running. There are, obviously, more advanced protocols such as the aforementioned Protocol Buffers and MsgPack however neither seems to have RPC capable clients for your target language. The same goes for Bert (of GitHub fame) and Avro (the apache foundations attempt.)

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