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in my optionMenuScreen the user picked a poto and then pressed back to the mainMenu and then playGame.

when i'm trying to get the photo in the gamePlayScreen after pressing the back button, its null again.

OptionsMenuScreen photo = new OptionsMenuScreen();
        PhotoTexture = new Texture2D(ScreenManager.GraphicsDevice, 50, 50);
       PhotoTexture= photo.photoRecieved;
       PhotoTexture = Texture2D.FromStream(ScreenManager.GraphicsDevice, photo.PhotoResult.ChosenPhoto);
        PhotoPosition = new Vector2(650f, 150f);

1. do i have to go straight to the next screen without back button or do you have another solution? what can i do to make it work?
2. how to enable the user to crop the picture as he wishes to the size i define?

help!!! thanks alot

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Please include the code for the Photo Chooser; you haven't actually included the code that is your issue, which is why your having this problem :-)

Check that you haven't actually disposed the photo that was taken; in this scenario you can just test with a static variable to hold the texture between the two classes.

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