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I don't know zend but i want to learn it . i just want to ask that will zend make things easier to add like

1)Registration Form
2)user Logins
3)Members area
4)Backend user management

or i still have to create those things myself

I want to create my own cms but if i have those things ready to some extent then it will save my time . I am using joomla now which is good for static sites but i want to have more controls myself

If there is anything else , i will learn that too


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No, there aren't ready to use 'tools' for making CMSs using ZF. You would have to make them yourself. However, ZF does have a lot of components that will ease creation, validation of forms (Zend_Form), user login and authentication (Zend_Auth), controlling user access (Zend_Acl). It also supports modular applications, so you can make backend module for management. Off course, there are many more elements. For example, there is Zend_Tool that can help you setup basic forlder structure of your application, create files for controllers, views or models.

If you are interested in making a CMS using ZF, you could have a look at a book Pro Zend Framework Techniques Build a Full CMS Project. It gives some valuable information on creating your own CMS. You can also have a look at existing CMSs created using ZF, such as e.g. TomatoCMS.

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Powerful Content-Management Framework based on open standards, powered by the ZEND Framework and by ExtJS. pimcore

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