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The mapred task is a very simple 'wordcount' implemented by Java (plz, see ).

after the last line, "job.waitForCompletion(true);" I add some code implemented by Jython.

It means the libraries for Jythoon is only needed on namenode. However, I added all libraries for Jython to a single jar, and then executed it

hadoop jar wordcount.jar in out

The wordcount is done without any problem.

The problem I want to solve is I have to heavy libraries for Jython that is not needed for the slave nodes(mappers and reducers). the jar is almost 15M (upper than 14M is for Jython).

Can I split them, and get the same results?

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Nobody knows this question.

I've solved this problem as follows: even if it's not the best.

Simply, copy jython.jar to /usr/local/hadoop (or path of hadoop installed) which is the default classpath of hadoop, and make a jar without jython.jar

If you need very big libraries to mapreduce task, then

  1. upload jython.jar to hdfs

    hadoop fs -put jython.jar Lib/jython.jar

  2. add the follow line to your main code

    DistributedCache.addFileToClassPath(new URI("Lib/jython.jar"));

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